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1) For most events, the buy in is $36. $30 goes into skins. $5 goes into Low Net game. $1 goes into the Ace Pot.

2) Under 20 players will be Net skins game only. All players get strokes per their course handicap. Handicaps are limited to 18 strokes.

3) 20 players or more combined Gross Beats Net and Net games. Player must pick which game they want to play in when RSVPing. Players can opt to play in both games for an extra $30.

4) The skins pot is divided by the number of skins won. For example, if there's $500 in the pot and five skins are won, each skin winner receives $100.

5) Participants play to Current Index or Club Index, whichever is lower. Non RPGC members will play to 1/2 their Current Index and will not be eligible for the Ace Pot.

6) No gimmies - PUTT IT OUT.   No going back to hit. Play provisional from the tee or you can take a drop in accordance to this diagram for a two stroke penalty

7) Low Net prize: 12 players or less the winner takes entire pot. Over 12 players Low Net pot is split 70/30.

8) If you withdraw less than 7 days prior to the first tee-time there will be no refund unless we can get a replacement for you. If we find a replacement you will be refunded minus a $10 withdrawal fee which will go into the Low Net pool for that event.

9) Players 65 and older can play from shorter tees. Must notify us when you enter the game, not at the last second. Your course handicap will be lowered when you play from a shorter tee box.

10) Scores must be entered into Golf Genius in a timely manner. You should never be more than two holes behind. If your scores aren't posted electronically in a timely manner, your group may be notified that your scores won’t count in the skins game on the holes for which you didn’t submit scores in a timely manner and you will not be eligible for Low Net.



1) $20 one time buy in.

2) Each entry into the skins game will include a $1 contribution to the Ace Pot so that the pot grows each week.

3) Ace Pot is won when an eligible player gets a hole in one during any RRW skins game.


4) Eligible games are when 12 or more spots are available and where the entire email list is notified. If not all 12 spots are filed, a minimum of eight players will suffice as an eligible round.


5) Player must have paid for that day's skins game in order to win the Ace Pot.


6) Ace Pot eligible rounds must be in Golf Genius app.

7) Only fully paid up members of RPGC are eligible to win the Ace Pot.

8) If there is more than one hole in one in the same skins game the Ace Pot will be shared.

9) After Ace Pot #2 is won, we will start up Ace Pot #3 with a new $20 buy-in.





ACE POT #1 WINNER $1,311 - WIL LAFAYETTE - 9/20/19 - RANCHO #8